7 Questions You Should Ask An In-Home Care Provider

Deciding it’s time to hire a personal care assistant for your loved one may create mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s a relief to know someone will be helping out to allow your family member to continue living independently. On the other hand, how do you know the in-home provider is assigning a caregiver with the proper qualifications, patience, and integrity?

Before you put your trust in a PA in-home care agency, ask them the following questions to get a better understanding of their personal care assistants’ knowledge and capabilities.

  • What services do your caregivers provide? Ask the agency for a listing of what their personal care assistants can do for clients. If something your loved one needs isn’t on the list, inquire if they will be willing to accommodate it. You’ll want to know this before you agree to use their services.
  • Have you done background checks on your caregivers? You want someone trustworthy in your family member’s home. An in-home care provider should do criminal background checks and drug testing to help ensure the caregivers they hire are honorable and responsible.
  • Do your caregivers receive training? A professional in-home care agency should have set standards and processes in place for providing the services they offer. Each caregiver should know what’s expected of them and how to assist clients compassionately and safely.
  • Are your caregivers bonded and insured? Reputable in-home care agencies will have the proper business licenses and insurance in place to protect clients in the unlikely event services aren’t delivered as promised, theft, property damage, or other issues. Realize you won’t be out of line in asking to see proof!
  • Do you check in regularly to make sure everything is going well between the caregiver and my loved one? A responsible provider should periodically evaluate the in-home situation. This is important to assess whether all needs and expectations are being met—and to make sure the caregiver and client are a good match.
  • Does your agency provide a qualified substitute if a caregiver is sick? You’ll want to verify the in-home provider you work with is staffed adequately to cover situations when your family member’s caregiver is ill or otherwise unable to work.
  • Will I get a detailed plan that describes the personal care assistance your agency will provide to my loved one and the pricing for those services? Before agreeing to use an in-home care provider’s services, you deserve to know exactly what you’ll be getting and the rates and fees it will charge you.

These questions can help you determine if the in-home care agency does business with integrity and that it has your family member’s best interests at heart. Of course, you may have numerous other questions as you explore your options. Don’t be afraid to ask them!

At ProStat, we understand the importance of having the reassurance that your loved one is in capable and competent hands. That’s why we only hire caregivers who have been thoroughly trained, bonded, and insured. They have passed Pennsylvania criminal and child abuse background checks and drug testing.

Every 90 days we send a registered nurse to your loved one’s home to evaluate the quality of care and assess any changes in needs. With a strong team of qualified caregivers on staff, we can effectively cover instances when a regularly scheduled personal care assistant cannot report to work.

Contact us today to learn about how our services can help your loved one live more confidently in her home.